Frank Chiarulli Jr.

Hi, I’m Frank! I write code that keeps you safe and private online.

I am a software engineer who loves privacy, security, embedded systems, and open source. I mostly write Go, TypeScript, & Python on personal projects and currently use Go, Java, Kotlin, and Swift for work. Though, I am now learning and loving Rust.

I am a tech lead at JPMorgan Chase's Global Business Accelerator, running a team focused on privacy and security. Prior to that, I served as a founding engineer at Svix (YC W21), where I helped build the company's initial platform and infrastructure. Before covid, I was the lead backend engineer at Ghostery/Cliqz, working on anti-tracking software, including Ghostery Midnight (a system-wide & tracker blocker).

Probably doing something I shouldn’t with cGo or WinAPI.